Tooting my own horn here a bit, I’m pleased to announce that this month my Avvo rating ticked up from a 9.9 on a 10.0 scale (9.0 and greater is “Superb”) to a “perfect” 10.0/10.0! I’m one of only four attorneys in the Glens Falls area to have achieved this top rating (the Avvo directory lists 231 state-registered attorneys in the Glens Falls area)!


The rating is based on a proprietary algorithm that weighs experience, attorney disciplinary record, peer reviews, industry recognition by other attorneys, and awards.

Photo © 2011 iStock/Getty Images/OrangeDukeProductions; used under license.

I’d like to thank the attorneys who have endorsed me on Avvo and my clients who have taken the time to rate me on a “five star” review system and write reviews of their experience which can be read on my “profile” page.

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