The New York Times published an article in its Business Day section about staplers, the lowly office tool that’s parodied by “Milton” in the cult comedy movie “Office Space”.

But for a long time, staplers have been one of the banes of my existence. Why?  Because you’d spend all this time producing a good looking multipage document and its appearance would be spoiled by a crappy stapling job with too large holes, crooked staples, and staples that didn’t fit a few page document tightly.

Then my son Gavin who (being a modern citizen) researches everything relentlessly on Google, gave me his Swingline Optima® stapler, pictured below, which costs about twice or three times the cheaper brands pictured in the Times article (~$25 at the big box office stores), and does a beautiful stapling job, especially with the premium Optima staples (Swingline item #35556) which come in a metal box.

OK, maybe I’m a retro compulsive geek about the appearance of documents (I’m an attorney who also uses Cranes Crest® 100% cotton fiber paper and a fountain pen), but this stapler is very satisfying in making the neat kinds of staples only large office photocopiers were able to make. (Photo credit: selfie by Mac “Photo Booth” app).

Photo on 3-23-13 at 11.34